Mantén Vivo tu Inglés:

img05One of the hardest achievements, once you have reached a certain level of English and have your accreditation, whether it be First/B2, Advanced/C1, Habilitación/Acreditación para Profesorado or other, is to maintain that standard and build on it. We offer a class which reaches out to just those people.

Come to our flexible and relaxed conversation class on Saturdays from 11:00 to 13:00. Flexible, because you can come for only one or both hours, whichever suits you. Relaxed, as there is no pressure to pass an exam. That hurdle has been crossed! Enjoy expressing yourself in English and getting more conversant with the nuances of the language by means of presentations, group activities and much more besides. Of course, we can find a solution to any difficulties that may arise and give advice when needed.

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